Businesses in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco


About Kara & Dogpatchwork

Dogpatchwork is a project by photographer Kara Brodgesell. When she first moved to San Francisco in November 2011, she had the great luck of being offered a room in Dogpatch, an area she soon found that some city-dwellers knew all about and some couldn't find on a map.

The more she talked to people about the neighborhood, spanning North/South from Mariposa to Cesar Chavez and East/West from the waterfront to I-280, the more she heard that it was an area in flux. An historic district with a past steeped in immigrant settlements and waterfront industry, it has endured periods of decline and restoration over the last century. The blending of work and living spaces continues to this day, resulting in a patchwork of unique businesses across the neighborhood.

With a BA in Studio Art from Wesleyan University and a career as a freelance photographer, Kara most enjoys using photography as a means through which to tell stories and learn about new people and places. With this ongoing body of work and home in Dogpatch, she has also happily been able to better know her neighbors and record one view of the area before it inevitably shifts again.

You can see more of Kara's work on her website. She can be contacted by email at please get in touch!

Shooting at 3rd Street Boxing Gym

Shooting at 3rd Street Boxing Gym